Connie Zilligen is a Registered Movement Therapist with Level I and II Diplomas in Spacial Dynamics®.

She has more than 18 years experience using the Spacial Dynamics® principles personally and with others.

In 2010 Connie founded In the Spaces Between because of her deep desire to help others experience change happening through awareness and movement of the powerful dynamics that support the body. She loves to play with the spaces around the body to strengthen muscles, improve balance, and let more of her Self shine through. In 2015 we became Livable Movement. Now, on the cusp of 2018, we are sprouting our FULL potential as Enliven Movement Therapy.

As an early childhood professional (Waldorf and otherwise), Connie was intrigued by the young child's ability to become one with whatever activity the child engaged in.  This enabled her to see 'play' as an especially effective way to help adults engage in unfamiliar ways of movement, letting go of self-conscious inhibitions and moving towards healthy habits that bring about wellBeing.

Connie's life long journey toward being comfortable in her body while playfully exploring the idea that she is the living connection between her body and the world around her. She loves to discover where others are on their journeys, in unique bodies of their own. Grounded and eager, she offers you a place where you can be guided to explore the balance, the give & take, between the physical body and the invisible dynamics which support being in and moving through life.






Move yourSelf & create wellBeing.