Classes at Birth Columbia

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An ongoing class from September 10th through December 18th: * 

Holding and Opening ~ movement, stretching, & grounding for pregnancy & birth. 

Deep down you know what to do.  Let’s become familiar with how your body moves.  What’s strong ?  What’s tight ?  What’s comfortable ?  What’s unknown ?  Come with an attitude of playful curiosity and discover the joy of moving your pregnant body.  The principles of Spacial Dynamics® will guide us to find supportive and enlivening movements to practice in preparation for birth .  Spacial Dynamics® is a body/mind discipline focusing on actual forces in and around the body that allow the body to move or be in stillness while being in harmony with its surroundings . 

Tuesday mornings 8:30- 9:30

*You may come to one or all. There will be 7 themed classes which will cycle around, so if you miss it the first time it will come round again.




7 weekly classes from September 10th until October 22nd:

Mama Space.      How to find a Healthy Balance ~ explorations around mama's space, baby's space, and that sweet magic space that belongs to both of you.

This class is for women with babies 6 weeks to 3 Months.

We will use Spacial Dynamics® principles in movement and stillness to explore the connections between mother and child.  We will discover where there is a healthy balance between observation and engagement in this loving relationship. And each of the participating moms will become comfortable in knowing where her personal space is, where baby’s personal space is, and where there is a space in which they both are held.

Tuesday mornings 11:00 - 12:00



 7 week class from October 29th until December 18th:

Unfurling Space.     Encouraging Autonomous Development while giving Warmth, Love and Support.

This class is for women with babies 3 months to 1 yr.

As Baby grows he takes in everything in his environment.  What kind of space do you want that to be ?  As Baby grows she receives messages of confidence and well being through how we move and how we are still .  What do these messages look like ?  What do they feel like ?  What messages do we want to fill her space ?  Come with a loving and playful heart to dive deep into the spaces we create with our Being.  Let us share our questionings and yearnings and discoverings. This is a 7 week class with a new exploration/discovery topic each week.

Tuesday mornings 11:00-12:00

*We will not have class on November 26th.

$10 for a single class    •    $60 for a 7 class cycle    •    ☎ Please call  (518) 751-6232 to register . 

Classes at Free Columbia

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An ongoing class through December 17th.

QuietStance ~ enlivened movement for inner stillness 

This class is for adults of all movement abilities. We will work with the principles of Spacial Dynamics® to allow the participants to come to an awareness of where they are in their body.  The goal is to have an experience of inner stillness while being completely present to the task at hand.

Tuesdays 1:45-2:45 *