Enliven Movement Therapy has three

main areas of focus

for interactive presentations.



  • presenting to teachers about the essential gestures of teaching.
  • presenting to teachers/students about engaged and active alignment.


The Work Place:

  • presenting key Spacial Dynamics® principles that bring about:
    • efficient use of effort,
    • ease of movement,
    • lessening of strain or pain
    • increase of energy level / decrease of fatigue.
    • ability to use principles in all areas of life.

General Public :

  • Presenting to groups of people who want to be moving in the world in the best way possible.
  • "What IN THE WORLD is Spacial Dynamics®?" Talks are interactive and look at real life situations to discover how Spacial Dynamics® are at play.
  • Audience participation is an integral part of these presentations.

An example of a previous series of talks.