What is Spacial Dynamics® ? 

Spacial Dynamics® is a body/mind discipline focusing on the dynamic forces in and around the body. Engaging these forces creates the movement necessary for the body to be moved or be still.  

Working with Spacial Dynamics® allows you to intentionally and actively utilize these forces leading to movement that is easeful, highly efficient, graceful, energizing, and clarifying . 


Spacial Dynamics® is the study of how a human being moves in the context of space. 

Your body is a space. 

Your Being is that part of you that is your absolute you-ness-no-matter-what .  It is that part of you that chooses to do or not to do something.

Your Being/Spirit/Self  fills up that body space to a greater or lesser extent.  Your Being lives in your body space and your personal space and through your awareness can be present, in space, at near and infinite distances from your body. 


It is in space, in relationship to the world,  that your Being moves in the world.


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